The Vision

What if human slavery could end in our lifetime? What if what it would take is people like you and me to get involved?

“Operation Big Sister” is a true story inspired by 85 anonymous Icelandic women. Representing average everyday people from all walks of life, these women instigated a successful sting operation to deter human trafficking in Iceland. Posing as prostitutes in decoy ads they intercepted the phone calls and chats from buyers of sex with a completely new (and hilarious) conversation. Their Operation went viral via the “jungle telegraph” in Iceland- kitchen table to kitchen table. Now it is going even more voraciously viral via the larger jungle telegraph of media and the world wide web, through:

A narrative feature film that tells the Big Sister’s story

A companion documentary about them and other successful grass roots efforts like theirs that are working to end this scourge that President Jimmy Carter has called the “greatest human rights violation in the history of humanity.”

Provide vocational training for trafficking survivors or those at risk of being trafficked.

A digital education platform for action targeting specific audiences about what you can do to stop human trafficking, including a web portal for Civilian Cyber Policing where any citizen with an internet connection can login and be trained and facilitated to intercept buyers of sex and become an anonymous “Big Sister” (irregardless of gender!).

The team working behind the scenes on Operation Big Sister is a synergy of social change agents, United Nations Delegates, educators, Hollywood filmmakers, tech wizards and cyber hackers, law enforcement, trafficked survivors and ex-human traffickers, and average everyday citizens who want to make this world work better for all. We invite you to join us!

There is innovative external design that has changed and will change the world. But perhaps our greatest design challenge is the design of our human consciousness. Current human consciousness has exploitation of life and the earth embedded in much of its design. Our willingness to enslave human beings is deeply tied to our willingness to live unsustainably. We use the earth and all its resources, including human resources, for our own gratification with little or no regard to what is best for all long term. Operation Big Sister aims to address this in a comprehensive systems approach, changing human design to include treating one another and the earth with dignity. Many of the world problems social change agents are aiming to solve would be enhanced by liberating the attention and educating the latent genius of human beings currently being exploited by labor trafficking and sex trafficking worldwide. We cannot afford to treat any human being as an object for use and discard. We need every available human being to help solve modern world issues. Therefore, addressing human trafficking addresses all world issues.

Sheva Carr 
Executive Producer of Operation Big Sister