The Digital Platform for Action

Right now you are visiting Phase 1 of Our Digital Platform for Action, designed to help educate everyday people about what they can do with no personal risk to contribute to efforts to end human trafficking.

Here is our Vision for Phase II:

Usually law enforcement does not encourage civilians to take the law into their own hands. There is one place where that is changing: the intractable issue of human trafficking. One of the most successful ways human trafficking is being prevented, at the level of demand, is through decoy advertisements placed by intentional activists who intercept calls from buyers of sex and engage in conversations that:

Operate as pattern interrupters

Disrupt the veil of buyer anonymity

Educate buyers about the issue of human trafficking

Discourage that behavior and encourage positive sexual relations and gender equity

“Civilian Cyber Policing” as it has come to be called has been successful at the grass roots level with the Big Sisters in Iceland, and groups of men like EPIK in Oregon

Here at Operation Big Sister ( we are seeking to scale Civilian Cyber Policing using a similar technology to that used by the phone banking systems used in political campaigns.

We would like volunteer computers to anonymously receive calls coming in from buyers of sex solicited in decoy ads placed by the system. We would like the system to capture incoming phone numbers and information about who owns the number, and we would like for the system to afford the volunteer the opportunity to talk to the buyer and note in a survey what happened in their interaction. Of course we would also like the system to include tutorials for volunteers on how to handle those interactions.

We are seeking the right tech team to help us build this, so that anyone, anywhere in the world with internet access, could login and be “a Big Sister.” The city of Oakland and Alameda County have offered to be our test pilot sites for the project. Are you or someone you know the tech team to help us implement this? If so, please write to us: [email protected]


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